Can uConsole be usable as a personal computer?

Ah, yeah. My normal keyboard is the HHKB and the Fn key mappings match most of the HHKB’s. The trackball didn’t bother me too much, worked fine more or less, but I use ratpoison instead of a DE (not a very mousey UI) and most of the coding I do is either acme (somewhat mousey editor) or vi. I did stutter some when writing SQL or chatting with people, but for the most part, I’m close enough to regular typing speed on it that I can stop noticing the keyboard.

I have some WiFi troubles on mine, so I’m using a USB WiFi dongle until I get around to fixing it.

Assuming it’s not all due to the complicated setup, there was a thread somewhere around here about the CM4 defaulting to using the onboard antenna and ignoring the one that is actually plugged into the board, which makes a bigger difference on the metal-bodied uConsole. Apparently, that can be toggled with a kernel parameter: sudo sh -c 'echo "dtparam=ant2" >> /boot/config.txt'. (There was some elaboration in the thread but I don’t remember which thread.)