The forum is so quiet, how many users has received the shipping notification?

I ordered the uConsole October on October 27 (UTC, though I’m in the US, so it was still the 26th for me) and my order number is 197xx. I had placed another order October 18, a while before the uConsole announcement, and it was 189xx. I think the earliest I had seen for uConsoles was 190xx (looks like @Kumasun / @GreenAcres / @John_Kennedy ordered the first day; I hesitated a day because I was still waiting for my DevTerm), so in the first two days there were at ~700 orders. If @adcockm is 201xx on November 3, then there were ~1100 orders in the first nine days. (Very high volume for a small shop, no surprise that they are extremely busy! I hope the margins were high enough that they can afford to stay in business and expand; I got nervous when they moved to a more expensive shell.)