Slackware image for DevTerm R01

R01 ordered. OK, I already had one, but it is in my uConsole…

Ah, cool. I ordered a uConsole with an R01 and then swapped it into the DevTerm and put the CM4 into the uConsole.

Thanks for the screenshots! So pretty in orange.

Oh, thanks, it felt very nostalgic for me when I first booted the R01 and saw the orange.

Do you have a more precise breakdown of your procedure, so that it could be reused for uConsole?

So, I tried swapping microSD cards around and except specialized stuff for the Ext boards (printer or 4G modem) and the framebuffer rotation args set in the bootloader, the images are nearly the same. That is, this image should boot in a uConsole but the screen will be turned around.

That having been said, the process was nothing complicated: I used dd iflags=fullblock bs=1M count=256 to copy the initial 256MB from the official R01 image so that the bootloader would require no changes. (The partition layout is a little strange on the R01 image: Create DevTerm R01 OS image from scratch · clockworkpi/DevTerm Wiki · GitHub . I don’t know if there is a reason, but I wanted to debug as few things as possible. There’s also an offset required, like the init code looks at a fixed offset into the SD card, so you have to avoid putting a partition there.)

After that, I deleted and recreated the fourth partition, then unpacked the slarm64 installer and chrooted. I had no luck getting the installer to accept what I was doing, so I just did installpkg --root /mnt on the packages that I wanted to install (dependencies were guessed at, which is why a couple of them were missing), and then rsync’d the /lib/modules from the official image, because I was using the official kernel. (Since the dd had already covered the “lead-in” and the first two partitions, the kernel in /boot was the same.)

After that it was more or less like setting up any other system: tweaks to /etc/fstab, things like that. Then setting up the DevTerm-specific stuff, and eventually tried to boot it. Luckily it worked on the first try.