Raspberry Pi OS 64bit Lite for DevTerm CM4 - image file

Thanks for this, it’s great!

don’t want to/don’t know how to modify the original image to make it work

Impossible to solve “don’t want to” but “don’t know how to” is easy to fix with some links, I suspect. I didn’t know that anything needed to be done, I thought most images should work out of the box with a few tweaks for screen orientation, etc. (Though I have had no luck getting the 9pi image to run, and have been using the DevTerm too much to spend much time hacking the device itself; R01 core arrived and I have started playing with building a CRUX system inside a Slackware chroot, but it is slow going.)

I can only find the official images

I think there’s an Arch image kicking around, and a Manjaro one.